15 Best Home Office Chairs: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best Home Office Chairs: Most of us spend too much time at work or home playing video games. All that time in a chair can add up and cause tight muscles, pain, and health problems. We can’t get out of the chair without a standing desk, so the best we can do is be more aware and take short breaks to get up and move around. But at least we can buy a chair that won’t worsen the problems that come from sitting for hours.

A good office chair lets you sit in a way that is comfortable and good for your body, so you don’t have to strain to keep good posture. Also, lumbar support is a must if you want less back pain. You should be able to sit up straight in the chair you choose, and your legs should be at a 90-degree angle. You should also be able to rest your arms and still be able to reach your desk.

Some even have headrests, leg rests, and reclining features that let you take a break from time to time. And you can find unusual office chairs that might work better for your job, or you could get a gaming chair and kill two birds with one stone. Finding the right fit for you, your work, and your budget is important. If you do that, you’ll notice the difference almost right away.

We spend more time sitting down while writing guides like this one, so we know from experience how important a good office chair is. There seem to be a lot of different styles, features, and prices out there. Because of this, we’ve made a complete list to help you find a chair that will keep you comfortable even on the longest workdays.

Steelcase Think Office Chairs

15 Best Home Office Chairs: A Complete Buyer's Guide
Steelcase Think Office Chairs

Sometimes, a simple product is the best way to go. Steelcase Think is the same way. When you buy this office chair, you don’t have to “think” too much. It’s a smartly made taskmaster that has all the features you need without being too much. The back of the seat has a compliant, adjustable lumbar support, and there are several ways to recline it.

The chair is sure to have adjustable armrests, which are very important for getting the right posture at your keyboard. And the seat’s height can be adjusted from 16.5 inches to 21.5 inches so it can fit almost anyone. Steelcase also makes a stool if you need to go even higher.

The Steelcase Think is built around a big, comfortable seat cushion. The depth and edge of that cushion can be changed so that people with different leg lengths can all find a good fit. There is a mesh back for breathability and support, but you can also choose an upholstered back. This chair comes fully put together and with a long warranty, so it will be easy to use and comfortable for many years.

Autonomous ErgoChair Core

15 Best Home Office Chairs: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Most cheap office chairs, like the generic ones you can find in office supply stores, are pretty sad, aren’t comfortable, and can only be adjusted in a few ways. Because of this, it’s great to find a chair like the Autonomous ErgoChair Core, which costs less than $350 but looks, feels, and has features you’d usually find in a much more expensive seat.

This choice has all the important features you want in an office chair. The mesh backrest is comfortable, spreads your weight evenly, and lets more air pass through. There’s even built-in lumbar support that can be adjusted. You still get a seat with thick foam padding and a good-quality polyester shell.

The chair also has a balancing mechanism, which Autonomous likes to point out was made in Italy, that lets you go from sitting up straight to lying down with just one movement. It also has the standard controls for height and tilt. Even though this is a cheap chair, you can add a headrest and footrest for just a bit more than the base price. This makes the Autonomous ErgoChair Core much more comfortable.

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

Office chairs can get expensive quickly, so the Hbada Office Task Desk Chair is a good option if you require to save money on a seat without giving up any of its features. It has many features of a high-end office chair but is less flashy. In the end, the Hbada costs just over $100, while many other seats cost a lot more.

The Hbada Office Task Chair has a high-density foam seat that is wide and comfortable. There are also no sharp edges on the sides of the seat that could hurt your thighs. On board, a curved mesh backrest supports your back’s natural shape and helps you stay cool on hotter days. It even lets you lay back 30 degrees. 

With this option, you won’t be able to adjust the support for your lower back. You also get armrests that aren’t very fancy and can’t be moved, but at least they fold up out of the way and are easy to store under a desk. Seat height can be changed from 17.7 inches for shorter people to 21.3 inches for taller people, so it should work for everyone.

Humanscale Freedom

Humanscale Freedom

The Humanscale Freedom is different from most office chairs. It has an almost magically comfortable ergonomic design that lets you sit comfortably in any position. The frame is strong enough to hold up to 300 pounds. And with a foam-covered seat 21 inches wide, anyone can find a peaceful place to sit.

Freedom comprises separate parts that can be moved around to fit your body best. Moving the back section up and down will be especially helpful for getting it in the right place. This is an improvement over simple lumbar supports that slide back and forth.

The wide headrest does the same thing to keep your head in place. And you can tilt back in the chair to relax. It even adjusts the recline support automatically based on how much you weigh. Since the armrests are committed to the back of the chair, they move with you when you lean back, so you can still use them.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Herman Miller Sayl Chair

The Herman Miller Sayl Chair is perfect if you want a high-quality, comfortable chair for gaming. Since this item doesn’t have a racing seat, it doesn’t scream gamer. Instead, you get a very strange design that needs a lot of changes. You can change the seat depth, and the armrests are in 4D.

Levers near the chair’s base let you change the seat height, tilt, and how far back you can lean. Even a rod lets you change how hard you have to push to make it lean. This makes it easy to put this seat in the best position, whether you want to sit back and play PC games with a controller or stand up and type reports for work.

This gaming option is the same as Herman Miller’s Sayl chair, except you can choose from a few more color schemes and can’t change the lumbar support. It’s still very comfortable and easy to move to your battle station or home office. The Herman Miller name is also pretty well-known, so you can be sure that your chair is created of high-quality substantial that will last for years.

HAG Capisco Puls

HAG Capisco Puls

So, you bought a standing desk, but after working for a few hours, you’re starting to regret it. Your legs need a break sometimes. The HG Capisco Puls is the answer to this problem. With the 265mm gas lift, you can adjust the chair’s height from 21.3 inches to 30.9 inches, which is crazy. So, you can use it as a regular seat or lift it at your standing desk to sit or partially sit and take some weight off your legs.

The HG Capisco Puls also gives you more ways to customize it, like a ring at the bottom to put your feet on and some comfortable upholstery. The Capisco Puls is different from most stools for people who work at standing desks because it has a backrest and small sides that can be used as armrests. The chair is useful but has a bit of style because of its looks. Dr. Robotnik used it in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

Herman Miller Embody

Herman Miller Embody

You may be familiar with the famous Herman Miller Aeron chair, but the Embody is the model that Herman Miller is known for high-end, high-quality office seating. This is clear from the warranty, which is good for 12 years, and from the chair’s weight, which is a hefty 50 pounds.

If you briefly look at the chair, you can see why it’s so heavy: steel and aluminum are all over it. With all this quality, the price is high, but it might be worth it to splurge. The backrest of the Embody is probably its most distinctive feature. It is made to look like a human spine, with flexible ribs that bend to fit the curve of your back.

It works with the seating material, a mix of foam that lets air through, and what Herman Miller calls a pixelated support system. As your body moves and you sit on the cushion, it automatically adjusts to you and spreads your weight evenly.

All of this works as part of four layers of material: elastic bands for suspension, coils like those in a mattress for support, hexagonal rings that move with you, and a mesh that lets air flow. When you place all of these things together, you get a beautiful, comfortable, and easy chair on your back and bum, even after sitting for hours.

Varier Variable Balans Kneeling Chair

Do you require to try something modern, or are you tired of sitting in the same chair for eight hours a day? You can always use a chair that lets you kneel. This design has been popular since the 1970s, and the Varier Variable Balans kneeling chair stays true to Peter Opsvik’s original idea. Even though it’s more expensive, you’ll love that it’s made of strong wood and comes with a seven-year warranty.

The Varier Variable Balans has a curved base that lets you rock back and forth while you sit. While in this position, your body stays a little bit more active. When you’re sitting, most of your weight is on your bottom, but sometimes it’s on your shins. This may feel strange at first, and it may not be the only chair you want by your desk, but switching to a kneeling chair like this once in a while could be good for your posture and health.

Secretlab NeueChair

Secretlab NeueChair

Mesh isn’t as strong as leather or other materials often used for office chairs, but the Secretlab NeueChair makes good use of it. With abrasion-resistant mesh made of polyester fibers and DuPont, the seat can be used for long periods while still being comfortable and letting air pass through.

The Secretlab NeueChair is all about comfort. You can adjust the lumbar support, which helps keep your spine’s natural curve while you sit. The armrests are cushioned and can be stirred to different positions so you can rest your shoulders while you work.

You can add a headrest if you want full support when you lean back. The chair’s height and angle are also easily changed because the controls are built into the armrests instead of under the seat. It has 65mm caster wheels and is made to be quiet. The seat is made of strong aluminum alloy and can hold up to 240 pounds.

Steelcase Gesture

Steelcase is a big name for high-end office chairs, and the Gesture is one of its best-selling models. And there’s a good reason for that. It is one of the most comfortable and long-lasting office chairs you can buy, with the Herman Miller Embody and the Humanscale Freedom.

Let’s say you order it from the Steelcase website. In that case, you can choose the fabric or leather for the upholstery, the color (there are over 60 options), the frame color, whether or not you want lumbar support, and even if the wheels should be made for carpet or hard floors.

The Steelcase Gesture is partly comfortable because the backrest and seat move together. For example, the seat tilts with the backrest when you lean back. The overall effect is to keep your body in contact with the chair so that your weight is spread evenly, and the right curves keep your lower back supported.

The seat pan on the Gesture can be moved forward and back, which you don’t see on most other chairs. This ergonomic design goes through the chair, even to the armrests, which can be moved in four ways: up & down, in & out, front to back, and diagonally.

Alani Desk Chair

It’s easy to see why physical therapists love Fully. The things are simple, smart, and meant to get people moving at work. You may have seen Fully all over the Internet because it has a great standing desk and ways to sit. This is a simple chair for doing work that has good back support.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Most chairs don’t need you to maintain your core engaged, which is one reason why a session at a table all day can damage your back. A kneeling chair gives your tired legs a break while putting your core in a position that forces it to stay active and protects your back from too much use.

Rookie Task Chair

This small task chair is simple and smart and works well in almost any office. Even though it looks simple, the back and seat are more flexible than a typical chair. This bend gives you some support without letting all of your muscles stop working.

Ergonomic Chair

Branch’s ergonomic chair is one of the cheaper options here, which is ideal for people who want something soft but aren’t ready to make a big investment. There are eight adjustment points, such as height, tilt, tension, and seat depth, so you can find the best position and move to the next one when you feel sore.

Vari Task Chair

Vari’s task chair is a popular choice on the Internet regarding ergonomic chairs. The seat is wide and padded, the armrests can be moved, and the mesh back is as supportive as possible. It looks and works like a chair that costs a lot more, but it costs less.

What to Appear for in a Chair for the Office

Shopping for an office chair can be scary, especially since prices can quickly go through the roof. Some brands also justify their prices by discussing their chairs’ ergonomics, construction, and materials in ways that make it hard to see that they’re just chairs and not Mars rovers.

How do you know if the chair you chose is good? Take a seat. Good ergonomics means that something is comfortable and doesn’t tire you when you use it for a long time. It’s not always possible to try out a chair unless there’s an office supply store nearby with a good selection. If you have to look at chairs from far away, look for ones that can be changed.

You’ll generally want a great height range to sit with your thighs parallel to the floor. You can measure this height in your current chair before you start shopping online. It’s also important that the backrest is shaped and supports your lower back. You should also be able to move the backrest to make it fit your body better. Any other adjustments, such as a full recline or a seat and back that move together in some high-tech way, are gravy.

If you want to be comfy, ensure the seat is wide enough and deep enough for your bottom, and if you are overweight, make sure the chair can hold your weight. In other ways, the max load can catch you off guard. Someone we know bought a pretty nice chair for his home office. One day, his wife tried to sit on his lap to look at his computer screen. That was too much for the chair, and it broke terribly.

What’s the best way to sit while working?

You should adjust everything initially, but once you have the chair set up to fit you and the desk you work at, you should check the height often. The wrong height for sitting is one of the most common causes of bad posture.

The features of an ergonomic office chair help you find the best way to sit: with your knees just below your hips, your feet flat on the floor, and about 1 to 4 inches of the area between the back of your knee and the edge of the seat.

Like people who work in an office, many gamers look for a special chair to support them while they spend long hours in front of the PC. Gaming chairs are usually softer and made for a more relaxed posture, with support for both the head and lower back. We’ve also put our suggestion for the best chair for gaming below.

How to Choose the Perfect Chair for Working from Home

The book’s COVID-19 pandemic that spread around the world challenged us in ways we couldn’t have imagined. People had to change how they usually did things like go to work, talk to their coworkers, take vacations, and do their daily tasks.

It changed how work was done worldwide and brought down many parts of the economy. Work from home became the norm as businesses and companies looking for different ways to get work done. It’s fine to be able to operate from home and not spend hours stuck in crazy city traffic.

But there is a real chance of getting sick if you sit in the wrong way for long periods. Do you know how to avoid unnecessary pain, such as back pain, neck pain, eye strain, etc., when you work from home? Spend money on a good chair.

Why should you have a good chair?

Here are some causes why you should buy a good chair:

  • A high-quality ergonomic chair will support your back, neck, and shoulders, which can help prevent health problems caused by bad posture.
  • Good ergonomic chairs have an extra cushion to support the lower back. This is important because if the lower back isn’t supported, it can stress the muscles and cut off blood flow to the spine.
  • They protect the back from slipped discs and pinched nerves.
  • If you have a good chair, you won’t have to get up and stretch as often during the day. It improves how well and quickly you can do your work.
  • A chair that is good for your body will last long. So, buying a high-quality WFH chair is cheaper than constantly replacing low-quality chairs.

Are you sold on the idea that you should buy a comfortable ergonomic chair for your home office? Let’s help you choose a great chair for your Work From Home office.

Important Tips for Choosing the Best Chair for Your Home Office

To make a comfortable workspace, choose chairs that can be leaned back, have lumbar support cushions, and backrests that can be adjusted for height. No matter how tall or short you are, these features will help you stand up straight.

Look for a seat with a waterfall design:

Waterfall seats have a round edge in front. The waterfall design has been shown to help people keep good posture. The slightly tapering slope gives the backs of the knees and thighs strong support. Which takes the pressure off those areas. It also circulates your burden evenly across the seat, making you feel more comfortable.

Proper armrest and headrest:

Your arms will thank you if you ensure they fit well in a chair. Did you know that your arms should be about as high as your keyboard when you work? If your armrests aren’t at the right height, you have to slouch or shrug your shoulders to fit your elbows on them. This is very uncomfortable.

Your arms should be at the right height when you sit in a good chair. Many people also don’t pay enough attention to the headrest. A comfortable headrest keeps your back from getting strained by supporting your neck and shoulders.

Choose a chair with an adjustable height

When we buy a chair, we usually don’t think about how tall it is. But remember that a chair that doesn’t fit your body can hurt your back. How comfortable a chair depends on how high it is. Choose the best options for your height.

Sit on the chair and make sure that neither your upper leg nor your toes are being pressed on. Always remember that when you sit, your feet must touch the floor. This criterion lets you know you’re buying the right chair. Of course, you can avoid these problems if you buy a chair that lets you change the height to fit your needs.

Look for high-quality material

Mesh office chairs and leatherette office chairs are two of the most popular materials for home office chairs.

  • The seat and back of a leatherette chair are made of leather. But the legs and frame are made of heavy-duty plastic or strong metal.
  • Mesh chairs can be made of any material woven into many thin strands that look like woven fibres.

Both have good and bad points. So, compare their features and choose the one that best fits your needs.

What should you look for in a chair for the office?

As we’ve already said, everyone has different needs regarding an office chair. However, there are some essential things that all chairs should have.

Lumbar support

A chair with lumbar support will keep you from getting back pain or tension because it will keep your muscles and spine in the right place. Lumbar support can also help you stand up straighter.

Adjustable features 

An office chair should have adjustable armrests, height, and lumbar support to customize it to your needs and how your office is set up.

Cushioned seat

 Make sure the seat of your office chair is comfortable since that’s where you’ll put most of your weight. Look for a seat with more depth if you’re taller and less depth if you’re shorter. Also, look for chairs with waterfall seats, which have a slight downward slope to relieve pressure on the back of your legs and knees.

Caster wheels

 Good caster tires on your office chair should make it easy for you to move around your office. Please pay attention to what types of floors the office chair’s maker says it works best on.

Are office chairs that cost a lot worth it?

Even though some of these chairs are expensive, you spend at least eight hours a day sitting in your office chair, so spending a lot on it is worth it. There’s nothing worse than getting sore from sitting in an uncomfortable chair, and it can also make you less productive, so it’s important to spend money on a good office chair.

What’s the most comfortable office chair?

The Steelcase Leap Fabric Office Chair is the best ergonomic office chair because it controls the tension in your lower back and has a curved backrest that adapts to how you sit. You can also look at our other suggestions for the best office chair for your back.

How can I make a chair at work more comfortable?

There are things you can do if the office chair you buy isn’t the most comfortable. For example, you can buy a seat cushion for your office chair to make it more supportive and comfortable. Seat cushions come in many shapes and sizes to fit any chair. If your office chair doesn’t have enough back support, you can also add a lumbar support pillow to it. There are a lot of lumbar support pillows made for office chairs, so you’ll have a lot of options.


The WFH way of running operations has been around for a while, so you should spend money on a comfortable, ergonomic WFH chair. You want to buy a high-quality WFH chair. We highly recommend looking through TheHomeOffice’s huge collection of chairs, seating, ergonomic design features, and decor items to enhance the watch of your home office and bring comfort to the next level!

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