Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair In 2022

Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair: There are gaming chairs everywhere now. If you open a video from your favorite content creator, it won’t be long before a sleek seat that looks like it was made for racing flashes across the screen. Since so many famous people use them for long periods on their computers, you must think they are a great choice for all your computing needs, right? The truth isn’t so black and white, as it turns out.

So, we made this guide to settle once and for all the question of whether a gaming chair or an office chair is improved. SitWorkPlay has the information you need whether you need a chair for gaming, gaming, and office work, or just plain old office work. By the finish of this feature, you should know how the two chairs are different and which one is best for your work or gaming setup.

How do gaming chairs compare to office chairs?

This section compares gaming and office chairs in four ways: comfort, ergonomics, design, and price. We’ll discuss all the important details and sum up where each one does well and where it doesn’t.


Ergonomics studies how a chair helps its user and fits its surroundings. This is very important to think about with office chairs since people sit in them for up to eight hours straight. To support these long periods, all mid-level and higher office chairs have many adjustment options, such as changing the seat’s depth and the height of the backrest. You won’t find any of these options on a gaming chair.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t many ways to change a gaming chair. On the other hand, even at the low end of the price range, gaming chairs are very flexible. When you compare a $100 gaming chair to a $100 office chair, the gaming chair is way ahead. It is often more than twice as flexible, especially regarding armrests and reclining.

But chairs for the office usually catch up quickly. For example, high-end office and gaming chairs often have adjustable height, recline, tilt, and armrests that can be moved differently. There are many features, and most users will find them more than enough. But the best office chairs go even further, with features like motion, better lumbar support, and fine-tune adjustments for other important parts.

Gaming chairs are better at the lower quality, but office chairs are better overall.


Regarding comfort, gaming chairs usually win out over office chairs. Gaming chairs are for playing and relaxing, while office chairs are for sitting up straight to do work. They usually have thicker, softer bucket seats that rise on both sides and wrap around your body like a blanket.

You’ll also find features that give you the most comfortable, like backrests that lay flat at 180° and footrests that kick out. These are great for playing games and surfing the web for fun, but they aren’t the best for long hours of focused work. Now, don’t get me wrong. Office chairs aren’t uncomfortable, but comfort isn’t as important to them. 

Still, the best office chairs will help you feel good all day while you work. Standard comfort features for office chairs include waterfall seat edges that relieve pressure on your tailbone, and lower body and movement mechanics that maintain blood pumping for good circulation throughout the day.

A good office chair is no slouch concerning comfort. But gaming chairs are (in a very literal sense) made for it.


At first glance, it might not seem essential how a chair is made. But it can change the way a whole room looks and feels. Studies like this show that how an office is set up greatly impacts how well you do your job. That’s important whether you’re at work or play.

When it comes to getting work done, an office with less clutter might be better. One reason why office chairs often have simple designs is because of this. They tend to be much simpler and smaller than their big counterparts, with only one or two muted colours instead of many different ones.

On the other hand, you probably want your game room to be interesting and fun. The racing-style design helps turn your gears, and their aggressive looks make them the perfect sidekick for today’s fast-paced, competitive games.

The simple design of an office chair is optimal for efficiency and effectiveness on the job, whereas the dynamic form of a racing-style gaming chair motivates rapid response times.


One thing that differentiates gaming and office chairs is how much they initially cost. Entry-level gaming chairs start at around $100, which can be a lot for people on a tight budget. From there, adding $100 to that initial entry fee improves the quality and comfort of the whole thing. Prices go from $500 to $600, the top of the line for gaming chairs.

On the other hand, office chairs start at less than $50 and go well into the thousands. The base models don’t offer much support, but for the price of a few Venti Starbucks Frappuccinos, they do give you a place to stand (or sit). Mid-range office chairs start at around $300, and high-end ones start at around $600, which is the most you can spend on a gaming chair. A gaming chair will give you a lot more for your money than an office chair.

Initially, a gaming chair will cost more than an office chair. But the most expensive gaming chairs cost no more than $600, while the most expensive office chairs cost in the thousands.

Which is better for your setup: a chair for gaming or work?

Considering everything, the choice between a gaming chair and an office chair is very personal. I think that the two are the best at what they do. The best chairs for gaming are gaming chairs, and the best for office work are office chairs. Still, that’s not much of an answer when you have a place where you can work and play games simultaneously. 

If that’s the instance, you have two choices. I’d recommend a mid-range or higher office chair over a playing games chair for all-day support if you’re just a casual gamer. If you’re a hard-core gamer, you should be fine with a high-end gaming chair similar to the Secretlab TITAN Evo, only models with built-in lumbar support and many adjustabilities. 

In reality, what matters more than whether your chair is a gaming chair or an office chair is how good it is. Having a bad office chair is bad enough when trying to work. But it will probably ruin your gaming experience in a big way. The same is true for game chairs used in the office. The best chair for you relies on what you need.

Find the Perfect Office Chair vs Gaming Chair

When picking between an office chair and a game chair, there are numerous things to examine. Here are some essential things to maintain in mind to make it easy:

  • Planned use (work vs gaming)
  • Component material and quality
  • Ergonomic features
  • Specs that make you feel better
  • Chair design elements
  • Total price

It would assist if you thought about the overall specs and how you plan to use them. Most chairs, whether for gaming or the office, are good at one or two things. At the same time, they only make things good enough in some ways. Think about what’s most important to you and what your needs are.

For example, the design and overall comfort are likely to be the main selling points if you have back pain. It could assist if you thought about how much the chair costs and how much you can spend. In general, what you pay for is what you get. For your WFH space, brands like all33, Herman Miller, and Steelcase are great places to start.

And they all come with great guarantees. On the other hand, gaming chairs from companies like Secretlab and DXRacer are a great place to start your gaming adventures. There are some good budget options on both the office and the gaming chair side of the aisle.

You can also seek Amazon to find a lot of cheap options. SitWorkPlay is there for you if you require more help. Check out our lists of the best gaming and office chairs to find the best ones on the market. Between now and then, good luck with all your games and jobs.

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