How To Raise Office Chair Height

Office chairs have different ways to change the height so people can be more comfortable. Do you know how to use different options to make office chairs taller? Most of the time, the office worker sits in an office chair. Most office chairs are created to fit the average size and also shape of a large number of people.

  • But people with bigger bodies can change their office chairs’ height using the different options available.
  • The most common way to move an office chair today is with a lever. You can also change the thread and where the cushions go, among other things.
  • Adjusting the height of your office chair is also important for your health. When you sit in the wrong way, your back, neck, and shoulders can be hurt badly.

Modern research shows that these health problems can be avoided by sitting and standing in a good way. With the right elevated position, a person can work longer without getting tired. Modern ergonomics methods can tell if someone is sitting in an office chair.

The chair’s height is changed so that his feet are at the same level as the floor, and his knees aren’t as far apart as his hip bones. If the office chair height is set correctly, you can’t get into this position. Here, you’ll learn how to adjust the height of your chair so that you can work for long periods without getting tired.

Things to Consider

Before making height changes, a person should keep a few things in mind. One is how tall you have to be to do the job right. Just measure how big your desk is and make sure it fits how you sit. If the height is right, there’s no need to change it; if it needs to be changed, adjust the office chair height.

The best way for an office worker is to sit with his back straight, his shoulders not too far forward, his arms on the desk in the right places, his chin just a little bit down, and his neck straight. Remember this way of sitting once you can change the height of your office chair.

Various kinds of chairs

Figure out what kind of chair you are sitting in. In general, there are three kinds of chairs. One comes with a post that has a thread. You don’t need any special tools or skills to adjust this kind of chair. The second kind of chair is one with a lever to change the height.

The height of this type of chair can be changed with the help of a lever. This type of chair is easier to use and more convenient. You don’t need any tools or skills to change it. The third ones were the ones that didn’t have these two choices. To change their height and tweak them, they need tools and skills.

How to Raise an Office Chair?

There are many ways to raise the height of your office chair. Let’s talk about them individually so you can understand them better.

Using an Office chair Lever:

The lever is the most common and easiest way to change the height of your office chair. Almost every modern office chair has a lever at the bottom that lets you change the chair’s height. To change the height of your office chair, you can pull or push the lever. Most of the time, the lever is connected to a hydraulic cylinder that changes when the lever is moved.

Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement

Changing the hydraulic cylinder is another way to change the height of a chair. You already know that the hydraulic cylinder is in charge of the right size. The maximum size of a standard cylinder is 5 inches. But if you require more height, you can swap this cylinder out for an 8-inch cylinder.

To replace a cylinder, turn the chair upside down, pull its base, and pull it apart from its body. It will now be separated; remove the old cylinder from the cylinder support that connects the chair’s body to the wheelbase. Install the new, longer cylinder pressure by adjusting the chair’s body and base until they click together.

Installing new Casters:

Putting on the new casters is another simple and easy way to raise the height of the office chair. There are many wheels for an office chair that can quickly add 2 to 3 inches to its height. You can easily buy these things online or at any hardware store.

It would help if you had tools from around the house, like screwdrivers, pliers, etc., to change them. Use pliers or a screwdriver to remove the old wheels, put on the new ones, and tighten them with a caster pin, pivots, or screws.

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By adjusting a threaded post:

Most old office chairs have a post that screws together. With these threads, you can change the height of the chair. If you want to change the thread, post:

  • Flip the chair on its back.
  • Hold the chair tightly so that you can only move the thread post.
  • To move the bar up or down, you turn the wheelbase counterclockwise.
  • Once the peak is where you wish it, tighten the threaded rod.
  • If more changes need to be made, go through the process again.
  • Do grease the threads to make adjustments easier and smoother.

By placing a piece of wood underneath the Chair Baseplate:

This method takes a bit of know-how. If you’re interested in do-it-yourself projects, that’s fine. It’s an unusual way to do it and is usually only used for older chairs. It needs wood plates that are 2 to 4 inches thick and have holes that match the base plate.

First, you must separate the chair’s base from the wheels’ base. This means separating the upper part of the chair from the lower leg. Now, figure out how big the base plate needs to be, and cut the wood pieces to fit.

These holes require to line up with the holes in the base plate. Now put the wooden sheets in place, adjust them, so the holes line up, and connect their wheelbases. Now, use longer screws to connect the chair’s lower and upper ends and a screwdriver to tighten them together. Check the chair carefully before you sit down on it.

By using a cushion:

You can also add a cushion to the seat of your office chair to make it taller. The pillow can be a standard size like the ones we use at home, but how long it lasts depends on its material. The other, the more reliable choice is to put a cushion made just for office chairs on the seat. It is more reliable and is made so that it doesn’t change the way you sit or your posture.

Height Extension Kit:

Installing an extension kit is a quick and easy way to raise the height of your office chair. These kits are sold as a set. You have to put them in. They also have extra rings that support your feet if you grow taller. You can get these easily both online and at a hardware store. You must remove the old wheelbase and put these height extension kits in place.

Putting down a wooden platform:

This is the strangest way I can think of to grow taller. Put a wooden platform under your chair if you have room and it doesn’t look bad with the rest of your office.

Buy a New Larger Chair:

If you can’t perform any of these things or have already tried them and didn’t get what you wanted, you should buy a bigger, better chair with more options. Buying new chairs is more expensive than making small changes to the ones you already have. But someone who doesn’t have to worry about money can choose this option.

Modern Answers:

Modern research shows that a person should change their position or posture every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. It will help the body and muscles calm down. Your body and muscles get stiff when you stay in one place for more than 20 minutes. Changing positions improve how well you do your job and how long you can work.

There are now tables and desks on the market that can be moved and whose height can be changed. People can stand up and work at these desks if they have been sitting for too long, want to relax, or want to change their position. Just change the desk’s height, and you can sit up straight to work. With time, office spaces are getting more and more creative.


There are many ways to change how tall an office chair is. When prices go up, these methods are better and less expensive ways to deal with the problem. One should also know about modern ergonomic techniques and how they can help develop and maintain healthy sitting habits.

Before making these height changes, a person should read and learn about them because a small change can lead to a bigger problem in the long run. The right way to sit and stand helps a person work more hours and be more productive and healthy at the same time. Small changes can create a big difference, and small habits can also lead to better results. Better work can come from better sitting habits and office chairs.

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