Pewdiepie Networth 2022 Life History YouTube Ads Earnings

PewDiePie is the most famous YouTuber and has millions of people who follow his channel. He used to get a lot of bad press because of racism and white supremacy scandals, which almost ended his career. He has risen above all that, and his journey has been a great source of inspiration for many people.

There are so many false stories in the news about “PewDiePie” right now. I want to set the record straight by showing that some of these stories are true and others are not. More importantly, I’ll talk about how much money PewDiePie will have in 2022, so grab some popcorn and let’s get started! This is the story of PewDiePie, including his career, scandals, net Worth, income sources, relationships, and much more.

What are PewDiePie’s net Worth and salary in 2022?

The number of people who follow PewDiePie on YouTube is a good sign of how much money he has, which is definitely in the millions of dollars. It is thought that PewDiePie is worth about $54 million. His net worth could be much more than that since each of his videos can get up to 10 million views.

Paddy Galloway says that PewDiePie makes about $4.85 million monthly from YouTube ads, sponsorships, brand deals, affiliate marketing, and merchandise sales. This means that he makes about $58.2 million a year. In 2016, he made about $15 million from YouTube, which put him at the top of Forbes’ list of the highest-earning YouTubers. 

When compared to 2015, his income went up by 20%. Forbes named him YouTube’s top earner again in 2016, but he made $15 million this time. His earnings went up by 20% that year. PewDiePie has also made several video games, such as PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist in 2015 and PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator in 2017, which was the most popular app in the app store just a few days after it came out. 

With the money he makes and the other businesses he runs, $54 million might be too low of a number. In this funny video, PewDiePie answers questions that people often ask Google about him, such as how much money he has.

  • Name: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDiePie)
  • Net Worth: $54 million+
  • Birth Date: October 24, 1989
  • Age: 32
  • Country of Origin: Sweden
  • Source of wealth: YouTube, Playing games, Authorship, Clothing brands
  • Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm)

Who Is PewDiePie? Life History and Wiki

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is a YouTuber and social media star known for his amazing gaming videos.

PewDiePie has had his share of scandals, just like most social media stars. One of them cost him sponsorships and online influence for a while.

His success in the fun and content creation industries put him at the top of the YouTube earnings charts for two years. He now makes videos about games, and his most recent Minecraft video has been watched about 3.2 million times. He says that his first account was called PewDie, but he forgot the password and had to make the one he uses now, PewDiePie.

Early Life

Few of PewDiePie’s fans know much about his life story. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg was birth in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is the son of Johanna and Ulf. As a child, he was very interested in art and games, especially Nintendo games. He developed his love of video games because Sweden has a strong gaming culture.

He would sometimes not go to school so he and his friends could play video games at Internet cafes. So, young PewDiePie could buy a computer and started his first YouTube channel, “PewDie,” in 2006. He did this by selling some of his grandmother’s art. He lost interest for a while, though, and when he returned to it in 2010, he couldn’t remember the password.

So, he had no choice but to start a new channel called “PewDiePie.” This was the start of his success. By 2010, Kjellberg was no longer the innocent boy he used to be. He had already worked on his video editing skills, which he used to make and post his first “Let’s Play Video” while playing Minecraft.

When he made his second YouTube account, he was already a student at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. He was learning Industrial Economics and Technology Management. But PewDiePie thought he was more interested in something else, so he quit in 2011.

YouTube Career

The media thinks he did that to focus on his YouTube career, but he says he stopped doing it because he lost interest in it. His channel went viral after he posted a video of himself getting lost in the scary game Amnesia. By July 2012, he had almost 1 million subscribers, which went up in the next two months.

Maker Studios signed PewDiePie to their agency in 2012 because they saw his potential. This brought his monthly views to nearly 200 million. In 2013, Kjellberg took over the YouTube channel with the most subscribers. After meeting for the first time in 2011, PewDie and his girlfriend, Marzia Bisognin, also known as CutiePie, moved to Brighton.

PewDiePie made his current account on April 29, 2010, after he forgot the password to his first YouTube account, which he had made in 2006. He started by giving commentary on horror and action video games. He was the initial person to have an impact on YouTube with Call of Duty and Minecraft.

PewDiePie’s YouTube Channel’s Big Breakthrough

The PewDiePie YouTube channel broke through in 2012. In May of 2012, Kjellberg had about 500,000 YouTube subscribers, but he hit it big when he hit 2 million subscribers that same year. His YouTube channel was number one that year, too. In 2012, he was also signed to Maker Studios after he found a way out of a contract he had signed with Machinima, a rival multi-channel network.

But Maker Studios cut ties with him after he got into trouble for using racial slurs and making jokes about rape and Jews. He has since said he was sorry for what he did and thought it was funny. Even though there were problems, PewDiePie gained 19 million followers and had more than 1.3 billion views in 2013.

PewDiePie Highlights

PewDiePie has come to a long method since he was a young, wild kid in Gothenburg. To become the social media star we know today, he had to take many big steps, some of which were risky. Here are some of the most important parts of his career that have helped him become successful.

  • In 2006, he made his first YouTube channel.
  • Opening up a new YouTube channel in 2010
  • Getting on board with Maker Studios in 2012
  • Two million YouTube subscribers by the end of 2012
  • In 2014, he was the first person to get 14 million YouTube subscribers.
  • PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist was his first video game. It came out in 2015.
  • This Book Loves You, his New York Times bestseller, came out in 2015.
  • Forbes’ list of the highest-paid YouTubers in 2017 put him at the top.
  • In 2019, YouTube will have 100 million subscribers.
  • In 2019, he will marry Marzia Bisognin.
  • In 2020, they will sign an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube.
  • Getting a deal with Jellysmack to distribute their music

How PewDiePie got rich and how he built his net worth

You probably think of YouTube streams and millions of dollars when you hear the name “PewDiePie.” But how did PewDiePie get so rich and build his net Worth? How does PewDiePie make money? Let’s take a look.

YouTube Ads Earnings

PewDiePie makes a lot of money from YouTube. He has 111 million subscribers, one of the most in YouTube’s history. People say that for every 1000 views, he makes between $2 and $5. When you add this information to the fact that he gets about 400 million views per month, it’s safe to say that his channel makes about $2 million.

It’s important to note that Google keeps about 45% of the earnings as royalties.


PewDiePie also has memberships that give you access to special features like emojis, live streams, and more. Usually, these memberships cost between £1.99 and £6.99, which seems small. But when you think about how many people follow him on YouTube, the money he makes doesn’t seem like much. 

Also, do you remember that PewDiePie had an exclusive deal with YouTube until 2020? The deal’s financial details were not made public, but he must have made a lot of money by working with the two biggest online streaming services.

Sponsorship and Brand Agreements

The Swedish YouTuber has also made a lot of money from deals with well-known brands to advertise their products. He must have made much money from his sponsorship and advertising deals with Jellysmack, Nike, Mountain Dew, and others. PewDiePie also has his flavour of G FUEL and a huge line of energy drinks, powder tubs, and other products, most of which earn him a lot of commissions.

Clothing lines

Yes. Kjellberg has a clothing line, like most YouTube stars. One of them is Tsuki, which he and his wife started together. Tsuki is a successful brand that makes well-designed and ethically-made products. He also has a clothesline with the well-known British clothing company Represent. PewDiePie just started a clothing company called Based, which sells pants, t-shirts, hoodies, and other items. The company also sells high-level, offline gaming gear that can be worn.

PewDiePie’s Spending Habits

How PewDiePie spends his money has always been a secret. But as a famous person and online star, he can’t hide all of his big financial moves.


We don’t know much about PewDiePie’s car collection, but we do know that he has a $114,000 Porsche 911, a $344,000 Ferrari 488 GTB, and $86,790 Volvo XC90, a $14,298 Nissan Micra, and a $31,900 Mini Convertible.


Kjellberg is always helping people in need and giving back to the community. Between 2020 and 2021, he gave more than $1.5 million to different charities, such as Movember, Alzheimer’s Research, Blue Ocean, World Food Program, Winston’s Wish, Comic Relief/Red Nose Day, Make A Wish, Saves the Kids (Lebanon), Foundation, and Papyrus.

5 Ways to Succeed from PewDiePie 

We can learn a lot from PewDiePie, who has more subscribers than anyone else on YouTube.

Here are five things PewDiePie has taught us about success:

Take Risks

You may have heard that Felix Kjellberg quit college to focus on his YouTube career, but do you know how brave it was for him to do that? His parents were top executives at well-known companies, so it seemed like he would have the same job. On the other hand, he saw something different in himself and decided to go after it, even if it meant disappointing his parents by dropping out of school.

Of course, his parents were against it. After all, in the early 2000s, how many parents would have let their children quit school to record themselves playing games on a platform they didn’t understand? PewDiePie went against all odds and took on YouTube and made content head-on.

Even after his parents stopped giving him money because he was so rebellious, he worked menial jobs to make ends meet. Kjellberg’s story is one of being strong and taking risks, even when things are hard or uncertain. I hope that will teach us something.

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Thank your supporters once in a while.

Even if you don’t like Felix Kjellberg’s outbursts and strange behaviour, you can’t argue with the fact that he loves his fans. No one gets to 111 million subscribers on YouTube by ignoring their fans or not appreciating them sometimes. PewDiePie is the perfect example of a person who cares about his fans, so it’s not surprising that his Bro Army will do anything for him. 

Yes, he calls his fans Bros, which means family. Every few months, he posts motivational videos in which he thanks his audience for supporting him over the years, especially when he is in trouble. This Book, Loves You, is a book that he wrote to inspire his fans. He tried to reach out to his fans and use words to get to their pain and pleasure points.

PewDiePie has given money to many charities and their fans over the years. Some reports say that the total for the last two years is probably around $1.5 million. The lesson here is that you should thank everyone who has helped you. If you do this, they will feel important and want to help you even more.

Don’t lose focus.

In the past, we’ve seen famous people lose their heads and shine because of their fame, but not PewDiePie. Yes, he made some mistakes, but he fixed them and returned to work. In this fast-paced world, losing focus is easy, but if you want to reach the top of your niche like PewDiePie, you must learn to focus.

To stay focused, like PewDiePie, you must first know what you want to do. He realized that some of his fans liked how he was sometimes crazy but always brilliant, so he just put his energy into making content for those fans. In other words, pay attention to what’s important and let everything else go.

Keep being yourself.

There are a lot of scripted unaware moments and fake reactions on social media today, which take away from the authenticity everyone wants. On the other hand, Kjellberg is not like that. He is proud of making real content, no matter what happens. He was never afraid to say what he thought about his gameplay or a political or social issue.

I think that his fans love him and want to protect his image because he is always true to himself, even when the situation calls for something else. In short, stay true to yourself, your beliefs, and your brand, and you’ll soon be floating among the stars.

Be consistent

These are Bruce Springsteen’s words, and when you think about PewDiePie’s story, they make a lot of sense. Now, it’s a lot easier to edit videos than it was in the past. Now, you must download some high-end software that will do most of your work.

You could even pay a freelancer a few dollars to do it for you. This wasn’t always the case, though. When he started making videos, PewDiePie didn’t even have a computer to help him. No matter what, he always made high-quality content.

Don’t forget that he had to work more than one job to pay the bills. This made it even harder for him to keep up with video editing, but he did it anyway. His dedication to making high-quality YouTube videos have helped him build an online empire that has given him a lot of money and a legacy.

Random Information About PewDiePie

There is a lot of information about PewDiePie on the internet, but some of it is more interesting and random than others. Here are some random things you should know about the Swedish YouTube star.

  • PewDiePie does have a point to it. Pew is the sound of a laser, Die is what happens when you get hit by a laser, and Pie sounds good. Plus, everyone loves Pie!
  • In 2011, Marzia Bisognin, now his wife, sent him an email as a fan.
  • Edgar and Maya are the names of PewDiePie and his wife’s two pugs.
  • His group of fans is called the Bro Army. By calling his audience bros, he started the trend, and people took it from there.
  • He told jokes that were hurtful to Jews, which almost hurt his career.
  • PewDiePie begged Taylor Swift for years to follow him on Twitter without any shame.
  • He would rather edit his videos than pay someone else.
  • His first plan was to do what his parents did and become an executive at a top company, just like them. Just thinking about it makes it sound strange.
  • In 2012, he ran for King of the Internet.
  • PewDiePie couldn’t remember the password for his first YouTube account.

PewDiePie Awards & Achievements

In addition to money and fame, Kjellberg has won several awards for his work on social media. See a few of them below:

  • The Starcount Social Star Awards named it the most popular social show of 2013.
  • Sweden won the Starcount Social Star Award for “Gaming” at the 5th Shorty Awards in 2013. In 2013, “Gaming” was named Web Star at the Teen Choice Awards.
  • 2014 Golden Joystick Awards for Best Gamer Personality
  • The 2015 5th Streamy Awards went to the best gaming channel, show, or series.
  • Gamers’ Favorite Gamer at the 2015 Golden Joysticks
  • The 2016 Youtube Creator Awards gave out the Red Diamond Creator Award.
  • The 2016 Youtube Creator Awards gave out the Diamond Creator Award.
  • Ruby Creator Award at the 2016 YouTube Creator Awards Teen Choice Award for Choice Gamer in 2019

PewDiePie NetWorth: How They Earned Money

PewDiePie is the most popular YouTuber, so he must make a lot of money. He has kept his spot as the person who owns the YouTube channel with the most subscribers for over a decade. Aside from that, he also made deals with companies and got them to sponsor him. So, how much does PewDiePie have? Most people agree that he is worth around $40 million.

That’s not surprising since he also has sponsorships from big companies and runs several businesses with his wife, Marzia, in addition to his YouTube channel. But is that really how much he has in the bank? Let’s get into more specifics below.

How much money does PewDiePie make through Twitch?

Even though PewDiePie has 1.3 million subscribers on Twitch, it seems likely that he is not making any money from the site right now. Since he signed a deal with YouTube only to live stream on that site, he hasn’t been on Twitch lately, and his old videos aren’t available now.

How much money does PewDiePie create from his YouTube channel?

When it comes to YouTube, things are very different. PewDiePie, Kjellberg’s YouTube channel, is probably one of his main ways to make money. He makes money from paid sponsorships, YouTube ads, and channel membership. Social Blade says that PewDiePie makes between $209.1k and $3.3 million yearly.

Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise since Kjellberg has a crazy number of subscribers. He is also said to charge $450k per video sponsorship, and companies want to work with him. Also, his fans can pay as much as $7.99 per month to become members of his channel and get access to special content and perks.

Different news outlets have given their estimates of Kjellberg’s net worth over the years. Forbes said in 2016 that he makes $15 million a year, making him the best-paid YouTuber. Since then, his number of subscribers has doubled, and he is now making a lot more money than that. In one of his videos, he responded to the idea that he was worth $40 million by saying, $40 million? Come on. 

Even though that isn’t a sure sign that his net worth is bigger (or smaller), it may not be close to the number of $40 million. No one can know exactly how much money he has unless he tells them. We can guess that Kjellberg’s net worth is closer to or even more than $50 million because of his huge number of subscribers and other business ventures.


Felix and Marzia Kjellberg run several stores, such as Tsuki. Market and With so many fans willing to buy their merchandise, they could also make a lot of money.

This Book Loves You

In 2015, Kjellberg wrote a book called This Book Loves You. As of 2017, Common Sense Media’s report says it has sold over 112,000 copies. The paperback version of the book costs $10.88 on Amazon right now. With this in mind, the book has probably made more than $1.2 million in sales by the end of 2017, and Kjellberg got a cut of that.


Without PewDiePie, YouTube would be very different from it is now. And that’s not just an overstatement. He has influenced a whole generation of YouTubers, gamers, and internet users outside the platform, who all know who he is. Before he became famous, people didn’t talk much about YouTube gaming. It is now the most famous category on the platform.

Putting up more than 4,000 videos on YouTube is a big deal and shows how much he cares about his work. He worked hard on his YouTube channel, which has paid off well. He not only has the biggest YouTube channel owned by a single person, but he also makes a good living from it and gives money to charity. PewDiePie is still a legend among YouTubers and streamers, even though he has had some problems and has been criticized.

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